China: CIC Changxing Shipyard Redelivers ZIM SHANGHAI


On July 28th 2012, CIC Changxing shipyard successfully completed the repair project of the MV ZIM SHANGHAI. The vessel is a container ship, registered in Hong Kong.

The vessel arrived at the shipyard in mid-July with the following main jobs: the repair of the forward water breaker and bow structure, the chopping of No.2 cargo hold side plates, the repair of the steering room portside plates & the quarter deck stanchion steel. There were 42t steel in all replaced by the workshop.

The key item of this project was the repair of water breaker. The old one was completely damaged, and its foundation —the forecastle deck and its back side construction were defective. In order to shorten the repair period, the engineering department arranged the workshop to prefabricate the new water breaker before the vessel’s arrival.

When the vessel sailed to the yard, the owner confirmed the repair scope and the workshop immediately started to cut the damaged part. Due to the high temperatures, the workers had to work at night.

The repair job of MV ZIM SHANGHAI was completed on schedule.

Source: csgcic, August 17, 2012