China: ‘COSLGift’ Jack-Up Rig En Route to Drilling Location

China Oilfield Services Limited has announced that COSLGift, the jack-up rig newly acquired by the Group, had completed construction, been delivered and has set sail to Southeast Asia to perform operations there.

Image: COSLHunter sister rig

COSLGift, acquired in August 2013, is a high-end jack-up rig of the same model as COSLHunter which was delivered in early December 2013. This is among one of world’s mainstream jack-up rig models.

COSLGift is capable of operating at water depths of 375 feet and performing drilling operations at depths of up to a maximum of 30,000 feet. The rig can accommodate a maximum of 124 crew members. It has a variable load of 3,500 tonnes. The rig is expected to begin operations in mid-to-late January 2014, while its sister COSLHunter had been towed to Gulf of Mexico to perform operation in early December 2013.

Press Release, January 03, 2014