Clean Air Power Aplies for Seat in NGVA Europe BoD

Clean Air Power Aplies for Seat in NGVA Europe BoD

NGVA Europe said that an additional member, Clean Air Power, has applied for seat on the association’s Board of Directors.

In order to join NGVA Europe’s governing body the request will have to be officially confirmed by the next annual General Meeting, which will take place during NGV 2013 Gothenburg in Sweden, this year’s June.

Founded in 1991, UK’s Clean Air Power (CAP) has pioneered the move towards using natural gas to power vehicles by developing technologies that guarantee diesel engine performance, with significant cost savings and low carbon emissions. CAP is an active technology developer with 65 patents held and pending. Operating on a global scale, with customers in the US, UK and recently Australia, Clean Air Power is set for rapid growth. The company’s strong senior management team offers extensive experience and skills within the transport sector.

Clean Air Power’s patented Dual-Fuel™ system, an immediate solution to reducing carbon emissions produced by HGVs and CVs, enables heavy duty diesel engines to operate primarily on natural gas, with diesel fuel acting as a “liquid spark plug”. Minimal changes are required to the existing diesel engine and by burning up to 90% natural gas, customers benefit from a combination of low emissions and high efficiency. Dual-Fuel™ technology has been installed on more than 1600 vehicles around the world, some of which have been operating for over six years, completing around one million kilometres.

According to the statutes of NGVA Europe all nominations of members willing to join the Board have to be officially approved by the yearly General Assembly. The next meeting will take place 11 – 13 June 2013 in Gothenburg (Sweden), during the activities of NGV 2013 Gothenburg. If accepted, from June 2013 the NGVA Europe Board of Directors would count 18 members.

Following NGV2012 Bologna’s success NGV 2013 Gothenburg will feature workshops, technical visits & exhibition as well as parallel experts’ meetings, dealing with the continuous evolution of NGV technology and the growing fields of application of natural gas & biomethane as a vehicle fuel (road, railway, maritime).

LNG World News Staff, February 28, 2013; Image: Clean Air Power