COSL’s Seismic Vessel Successfully Completes Operations in South China Sea

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Recently, Seismic vessel HYSY718 of COSL has fulfilled the 3D seismic acquisition operation in Chevron block 53/30 in the South China Sea.

The contract for Chevron 53/30 seismic acquisition service is the largest-ever single-block deep sea 3D seismic acquisition project of COSL. Since the project was launched on September 15, 2010, HYSY718 fleet has, according to Chevron’s high standards and rigorous requirements for project safety and quality control, overcame adverse factors such as severe sea conditions, serious fishery effect and short survey line, with the close communication and collaborative and painstaking efforts of all departments of the fleet, through a series of measures, strict self-discipline and fight bravely, the operation has been finished successfully.

The successful operation has further upgrade the competitiveness of COSL, laying a solid foundation for the company to develop the international geophysical market.

Source: COSL, August 3, 2011;

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