Council to Consider Resolution on Cherry Grove Dredging

During a special meeting on January 12, at City Hall, the North Myrtle Beach City Council will consider a Resolution describing the proposed Cherry Grove Canals Dredging Project improvement district and improvement plan.

The proposed Resolution will also identify the proposed project time schedule, estimated cost of improvements, and the amount of those costs to be derived from assessments, bonds or other funds.

The proposed Resolution will also establish a date and time for a formal public hearing on the proposed dredging project, and following the Council meeting that information will be mailed to those who own property along the canals to be dredged.

At the public hearing, property owners and others may express their points of view about the project.

If it passes, the proposed Resolution would formally identify the basics of the proposed project, but it will not formally establish the project. That can only be done through passage of an ordinance, which requires two separate readings before City Council.

The public hearing referenced above must be held prior to the introduction of an ordinance, and the ordinance would not be introduced for Council consideration on the same day as the public hearing.

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