Croatia: Ferry Barda Hits the Water at Uljanik Shipyard

Ferry Barda Hits the Water at Uljanik Shipyard

Croatian Uljanik shipyard today on May 10th 2012 successfully launched ferry Barda (yard No.498) which is being built built for the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping Company.

The second ferry, to be named Balaken, is going to be launched next month. The contract for the construction of Yards 498 and 499 were signed in May 2011

Each ship has a dwt of 5000 tonnes, length of 154.89 m and width of 17.5 m, with propulsion provided by two Uljanik MAN B6W engines (having the mark 5S26MC6) developing a power of 2000kW at 250 rpm/min.

The construction costs, of one vessel, will be around 22 million euros. Vessels will have a new and improved design. In addition, these ferries with the ability to receive cars will have increased capacity to 54 units.

Cooperation between the two companies started back in early nineties, Uljanik Shipyard so far completed total of 11 ships for the Caspian Sea Shipping Company.

Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, May 10, 2012; Images: uljanik