CSA in Underwater Survey Using FMV

Utilizing full motion video (FMV) technology, CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) have successfully conducted an underwater biodiversity survey.

FMV is defined as digital video with integrated geospatial information (real-time latitude and longitude) and relates the video to other geospatially defined attributes, such as multi-beam bathymetry, in space and time.

During this survey, CSA assessed fish and macro-invertebrate assemblage composition and abundance over reefs and other hard bottom features.

Digital video and navigation data were collected from an underwater vehicle that was used to survey transects over a target area. As data were collected, they were fused into a FMV stream and then recorded as FMV-compliant video. The FMV was then played back in association with a seafloor map in ArcGIS for Desktop.

Once the biological data were extracted for this project, advanced GIS techniques were employed to determine spatial associations of the biota with seafloor features, helping to identify potential “hotspots” of biodiversity and essential fish habitat, CSA explained.

The creation of full motion video for our clients is revolutionizing how people utilize their digital video, extracting much more specific spatial information particularly for biological resources of interest,” explained Dr. Mark Fonseca, Vice President of Science for CSA.

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