CSSC Chengxi delivers new asphalt tanker to Kumiai Senpaku

China’s CSSC Chengxi Shipyard has delivered a new asphalt tanker to Japanese shipowner Kumiai Senpaku.

CSSC Chengxi Shipyard

As informed, the 17,000-ton vessel was delivered and named White Allegra. The liquid cargo ship is equipped with a low-speed diesel engine. According to the company, it meets the latest standards such as T3 emissions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

The ship, classed by the BV classification society, features three independent liquid cargo tanks and can carry petroleum asphalt with a temperature not higher than 200 degrees Celsius or refined oil with a flash point greater than 60 degrees Celsius, and can meet the requirements of most asphalt cargo terminals around the world.

CSSC Chengxi and Kumiai Senpaku started their cooperation back in 2015. They have collaborated on the delivery of two 7,800-ton asphalt tankers, two 37,000-ton asphalt ships and one 50,000-ton MR tanker.

In April this year, Kumiai Senpaku inked a construction deal with China’s CSSC Chengxi Shipbuilding and CITIC Financial Leasing involving a total of eleven ships.

The ships will be fitted with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, which convert nitrous oxides in the exhaust with the help of a catalyst into diatomic nitrogen and water. They will also feature open scrubber systems and other energy efficiency technology helping them meet the EEDI phase III requirements.

The 17,000 -ton asphalt carrier has a length of 160 meters, a molded width of 23.5 meters, a molded depth of 13.2 meters, and design draft of 8.5 meters. 

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