Database for wave and tidal machines would be helpful for developers

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University of Edinburgh hosted a two-day workshop concerned with developing computational analysis methods to analyze the performance and dynamic loading of wave and ocean current devices.

The two-day workshop “Computational Modeling and Analysis Workshop II”, attended by a total of 50 participants from 12 different countries, aimed to address the following questions:

1. Would it be helpful to develop a public listing, or database, of applicable modeling codes including both commercial and open source codes that could be used for analysis of wave and tidal machines?
2. Following this workshop what type of further effort would be most helpful to accelerate the development and deployment of wave and tidal energy systems?
3. What are the best practices for modeling wave and tidal machines?

The conclusions were made after every participant gave a presentation highlighting the application of a particular wave or tidal computational code that they have been developing or using for analysis of wave and tidal devices. According to the report, the conclusions made at the workshop are following:

1. A listing of the available wave and tidal computational modeling tools with a brief description of their capabilities and a link to more in-depth information would be helpful for developers and new entrants into the marine energy field.
2. A wave and tidal computational code benchmarking activity using data from a set of well designed experiments would be extremely useful for the entire global community, because these codes need to be rigorously validated for marine energy applications.
3. It is premature to establish best modeling practices until the benchmarking activity described above is completed and the knowledge gained is assimilated by the ocean energy industry.

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Source: OES; Image: OES/Illustration



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