DeepTech Oil wraps up intervention project off Egypt

DeepTech Oil Services has completed an intervention project in the Zohr gas field in the Egyptian sector of the Mediterranean Sea for Eni and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

Triton XLS ROV

The scope involved securing a back-up power recovery system to ensure efficient production from a complete drill centre, while remaining completely isolated from the power feed umbilical network.

Ahmed Soliman, managing director of DeepTech Oil Services, said: “Our team came up with the configuration of this project which is a game changer in developing fields which require a large step-out to drill in search of an extension of production.

“This solution will allow for an additional four million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas to be produced from the Zohr field which is significant especially in challenging market conditions.

“Our flexible team was able to design the plan and mobilise for this work in just two weeks’ which we believe is significantly faster than our competitors. We know it’s this kind of response that is highly appreciated by our clients and gives us our competitive advantage.

“We are part of a group of companies, including MCS and Cortez Subsea, and work together to provide novel and integrated solutions to the subsea sector.

“Coming up with new technologies and ways of working is essential for our industry and this is something we place a great emphasis on within our group.

“Our team is ready to tackle your challenges worldwide. Let us consult our technology toolbox and do the hard work for you.”