Denmark: Jumbo Proves Efficiency with TP-Installation for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Denmark: Jumbo Proves Efficiency with TP-Installation for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Jumbo has successfully completed the TP-installation (Transition Pieces) for the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, off the Danish coast. Jumbo’s DP2 Heavy Lift Vessel Jumbo Javelin installed the 111 TP’s with a record-breaking installation rate of 3 TP’s per day.

The transport, installation, access to the TP’s and grouting was done without any Lost Time Injuries (LTI=0). Once again Jumbo proved to have a very safe and efficient concept for the transport and installation of wind farm foundations with the use of only one free floating vessel on DP.

Scope of work

Jumbo’s scope of work included transport and installation of 111 TP’s. The TP’s, weighing up to 180t each, were loaded in Aalborg, Denmark and transported to the offshore location on board the Jumbo Javelin. At the field the heavy lift vessel positioned itself on DP and lifted the TP’s from her hold to place them on the pre-installed monopiles.

Jumbo’s highly skilled crew made the operations safe, efficient en reliable.  Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is being built by DONG Energy. Jumbo is contracted by the Danish contractor MT Højgaard, who is in charge of the foundation installation work.


During mobilisation from the end of March till mid April 2012 the Jumbo Javelin was outfitted with job-specific equipment, amongst others a motion compensated walkway to provide safe access to the TP’s (Ampelmann), a grout plant (Densit) and Jumbo’s new temporary accommodation unit.

This offshore approved unit accommodates up to 50 persons and can be placed on all J-type vessels of Jumbo. The Jumbo Javelin was also equipped with in house developed passive heave compensators (with a 2.5m stroke and a Safe Working Load of 300t) and two job-specific, remote operated spreader bars to lift the TP’s.

All in one go

The Jumbo Javelin is able to carry up to 9 TP’s at a time, stowed vertically in the hold. The vessel is well-equipped for wind farm installation work: it is free floating, uses its DP2 system combined with a newly installed Taut Wire reference system to position itself, has a transit speed of up to 17 knots and is able to sail with open hatches.

This means a large transport capacity, fast transit times to and from the installation site, efficient installation up to three TP’s a day and easy relocation from one position to the next.

Installing the 111 TP’s once again confirmed the effectiveness of Jumbo’s concept: safe and efficient transportation and installation with only one vessel.


Press release, September 9, 2012; Image: Jumbo Shipping

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