Dialogue Paper on Kriegers Flak Delayed

The publishing of the dialogue paper on Danish offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak is slightly delayed, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) notified on its website. 

“We expect the paper to be published next week,” the DEA said.

In order to ensure that potential tenderers can offer their views on these framework conditions and contribute to making the contents of these conditions attractive and flexible for the market, the Danish Energy Agency decided to conduct a technical dialogue in May 2013 covering the two projects Horns Rev 3 and Kriegers Flak.

While the tender for Horns Rev 3 has proceeded as planned, there have been important changes to the Kriegers Flak project following the first and successful market dialogue.

Considering the magnitude of the changes the Danish Energy Agency has decided to renew the call for a technical dialogue concerning Kriegers Flak. The aim is still to make the tendering procedure and conditions as attractive and flexible as possible.

The form of the dialogue will be through the Danish Energy Agency asking the market specific questions on the basis of selected themes in this dialogue paper. Potential tenderers will be able to detail their written replies and views in bilateral meetings with the Danish Energy Agency. The replies will help drafting of the preliminary tender conditions.

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Source: Danish Energy Agency