DNV GL, DSME develop new LNG carrier design

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DNV GL, DSME develop new LNG carrier design
Image courtesy of DNV GL

South Korean shipbuilder DSME and DNV GL unveiled the design of an LNG carrier design based on today’s technology, ready for the upcoming market trends and incoming regulations.

Created under the joint development program, the design features an optimal size, hull form, and machinery and electrical systems, the classification society said in its statement.

“When we look at today’s LNG market we predict that in the years to come we will see the rise of post-Panamax LNG carrier designs which are dimensioned to fit of the new Panama Canal. Capacities of over 175,000 m3 are feasible given the new restrictions,” says Johan Petter Tutturen, maritime business director gas carriers for DNV GL.

An important consideration for the design is the shift towards lower, more energy-efficient transit speeds. The hull and propulsion system have been optimized for three different operating profiles on a standard transpacific route (19.5, 16 and 12 knots), the statement reads.

Calm water optimization resulted in gains of 6 percent, 2 percent and 5 percent over the reference design at each of the three operating profiles, according to DNV GL.

The design uses direct-coupled, two-stroke dual-fuel (DF) main engines and DF auxiliary engines, with LNG as the primary fuel. A combined gas turbine, electric and steam (COGES) propulsion system was chosen for the optimized machinery.

For the portion of the boil-off gas used as LNG fuel a “High Manganese Steel Cargo Tank Independent Type B” was chosen and underwent closed mock-up testing using liquid nitrogen (LN2).

This “allows flexible tank shapes while being slosh-free without imposing any filling limitations,” DNV GL said.

The design also incorporates DSME’s SloT (Ship Internet of Things) technology and wireless computer network and integration system and the entire on-board computer environment underwent thorough testing to improve its cyber security.

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