Dolphin in Multi-Client survey in North Sea

Dolphin Geophysical is acquiring 4192km² of new Multi-Client 3D SHarp Broadband seismic in the northernmost region of the Norwegian North Sea.

According to the company, the survey targets both open and newly awarded APA acreage. Furthermore, acquisition progress on Friday stood at 40%.

The company said that the 2011-built 3D vessel Polar Duchess is utilising 12 Streamers with 75m separation and 6750m offsets to acquire the Multi-Client survey during July and August 2015. Dolphin has also said that its on board processing team is working to deliver a Fast-Track volume to pre-committing clients before October 2015

“From the examination of existing vintage data it was apparent that 3D Broadband coverage is required to map and evaluate the potential existence of interesting stratigraphic features such as Cretaceous and younger Cenezoic submarine fan deposits,” the company has said in its press release.

The survey lies adjacent to the shallow 2005 Peon gas discovery and will cover 3 minor discoveries and 6 wells in total, including discovery wells 35/3-2, 6204/10-1 and 6204/11-1, Dolphin has said.

The company has added that full PSTM processing will be carried out at Dolphin’s UK processing centre and pre-committing clients will participate throughout the entire processing phase.

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