Donald Trump Fights Scottish Parliament

Donald Trump told to the officials today that the government persuaded him into investing millions in the golf resort at Balmedie, and assured him that the offshore wind farm would not progress, reported Bloomberg. He also said that because of the wind farm plans the country will lose tourists.

He was giving evidence to the Scottish parliamentary committee in Edinburgh today, trying to disrupt the proposed wind farm which would be visible from the resort, Trump plans to open  in July. From 2005, Trump struggled for almost three years to get consent for building two golf courses, a five-star hotel, 500 homes and 950 short-term rental apartments.

Again, he accuses First Minister Alex Salmond and Jack McConnell for false assurances on building of the £ 230 million offshore wind farm in Aberdeen Bay.

The application for the deployment centre, which will allow testing and demonstrating up to 11 next generation offshore wind turbines together with other related technology, was submitted to Marine Scotland on August 1, 2011.

The wind turbines located 2.4 kilometres off coast, would be 195 meters high.

On April 18, Alex Salmond said: “Frankly I don’t think 11 turbines offshore is a difficult proposition for most people to accept.”

The government’s goal is to generate all of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020, and energy strategy should not be on Trump to decide, but on the elected politicians, said Salmond.


Offshore WIND staff, April 25, 2012