Douglas-Westwood: Mozambique to Play Major Role in Gas Supply

Douglas-Westwood Mozambique to Play Major Role in Gas Supply

Energy advisors Douglas-Westwood announced yesterday that R. Michael Haney, Director of the firm’s Houston office, will deliver a talk at next week’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

The talk is titled “Overview of Mozambique’s Oil and Gas Sector,” and it will focus on recent developments in this rapidly emerging natural gas province.

Haney will be joining a panel discussion titled “Oil and Gas Policy and Opportunities for Trade and Investment in Mozambique’s Oil and Gas Sector.” Hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and OTC Board of Directors, this event will provide a forum to highlight Mozambique’s oil and gas policy and promote trade and investment opportunities in Mozambique’s oil and gas sector. Arsénio Mabote, Chairman of Mozambique’s Instituto Nacional de Petróleo, and John Peffer, President of Anadarko Mozambique, are scheduled to make presentations. The session will be moderated by Maureen Smith, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services at the U.S. International Trade Administration.

“Mozambique is well positioned to play an important role in natural gas supply later this decade,” said Haney. “From a relatively minor player only a few years ago, the waters offshore Mozambique have been found to contain some of the world’s largest natural gas reserves. Some industry experts foresee ten or more LNG trains being built to bring this gas to market, which would transform Mozambique into the world’s third largest LNG exporter after Qatar and Australia.”

Haney’s talk will touch on recent developments in Mozambique, when and how the country’s LNG supply might enter the world market, and key risks and opportunities developers will likely face bringing these resources to market.


Press Release, May 2, 2013


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