Dredge Texas Busy with the Avalon Beach Fill Project

Image source: USACE Philadelphia District

A periodic nourishment and repair of the dune and berm system in Avalon and Stone Harbor (NJ) is in full swing now, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District.

The cutterhead dredge Texas, owned and operated by Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, is pumping sand to the southern end of Stone Harbor where bulldozers are completing the nourishment and repair of the dune and berm system.

The work, designed to reduce the risk of coastal storm damages, will result in placing approx. 940,000 cubic yards of sand on the Avalon beaches.

With a daily capacity of 50,000 cubic yards of sand, it will take dredge Texas at least a month to finish the sand-pumping portion of the project.

The scheme, one of the largest in the Avalon history, will restore beaches in the Borough to their full federal template. If all goes according to schedule, work on the Avalon beach fill project is set for completion sometime in April this year.