DSME develops onboard CCS technology

South Korean shipbuilding major Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has developed a technology that can collect and store carbon dioxide generated during ship operations.


As disclosed, the technology will function by using ammonia water absorbent and the basic patent of DSME. It was verified using the exhaust gas purification technology developed by Hi Air Korea, a producer of equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

“As the demand for eco-friendly ships is increasing, we are expected to gain a competitive advantage even in a battle for winning orders in the future,” DSME’s ship design head Lee Sang-cheol said.

Lee also emphasized that based on the verification of this CCS technology, the company will work to speed up its commercialization.

With a wet process that collects and stores a large amount of carbon dioxide using ammonia water and mineral carbonation technology, the amount of absorption can be designed in various ways depending on the size of equipment, the company also pointed out.

The CO2 capture and storage technology will be used to respond to the environmental regulations imposed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) that can prepare for the carbon-neutral era in 2050. 

Last week, a similar project was launched by Dutch maritime technology company Value Maritime. The firm developed an onboard CCS unit which will be installed on Visser Shipping’s Nordica vessel in October this year.

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