DSS to monitor environmental performance of ships with ABS app

Classification society ABS has signed an agreement with Diana Shipping Services (DSS), a subsidiary of Greek shipowner Diana Shipping, to implement the ABS Environmental Monitor digital sustainability solution across 31 vessels under DSS management.

Diana Shipping Services

As explained, ABS Environmental Monitor is a cloud-based application that enables shipowners and managers to monitor and track overall fleet or vessel-specific environmental data in such categories as emissions, waste and consumables.

The data analysis and reporting features of this application have been designed to support more sustainable vessel operations while helping shipowners enhance environmental performance. 

“Diana Shipping Inc. is committed to the proper stewardship of our environment. We are pleased to have the cooperation and resources of ABS and DSS as we pursue the goal of achieving a more sustainable future,” Semiramis Paliou, Chief Executive Officer of Diana Shipping, commented.

“ABS Environmental Monitor™ is … designed to support forward thinking shipowners and operators, such as DSS, towards meeting their decarbonization, digitalization and wider sustainability ambitions,” Kash Mahmood, ABS Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, said.

Through advanced data analysis, this digital solution provides … insight into an individual asset’s environmental performance, or that of an entire fleet.”