DSV Harkand Swordfish gets new self-propelled lifeboat

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Harkand has successfully completed the test fit of the newbuild self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat (SPHL) to the hyperbaric rescue facility (HRF) at Unique Maritime Group’s facility in New Iberia, Louisiana.


In the Gulf of Mexico, industry standards require diving support vessels to be equipped with a means of hyperbaric evacuation that will provide immediate rescue for divers in saturation, if an emergency evacuation is required. Harkand has taken the extra step in providing an SPHL which provides a controlled escape for the divers who can be navigated to a safe harbour with and HRF.

The SPHL test mating was the first milestone in the USD 8.5 Million upgrade of the diving support vessel (DSV) Harkand Swordfish which is currently working in the Gulf of Mexico.

Harkand is completely upgrading the 1000’ ABS Classed Saturation Diving System which will be fully IMCA compliant. An additional decompression dive chamber (DDC) will be added, increasing the capacity for divers to 15. The upgrade to DSV Harkand Swordfish also includes an upgrade of the three-man bell to the highest industry standards. The vessel will also be fitted with a 165’ IMCA compliant surface diving system.

Mike Brown, general manager – diving operations, North America and Africa, said: “Our diving operation is rapidly expanding. During this growth period, we are focused on the safety of our personnel and the quality of our equipment. We are not interested in just complying to the industry safety standards, we are listening to the experienced, knowledgeable members of our team and implementing the safest equipment available. Harkand is focused on setting the standards for diving and IRM.

“In addition to the upgrade to the DSV Swordfish, Harkand is adding two IMCA compliant and DNV classed surface gas diving spreads to our Gulf of Mexico assets. The first will be delivered early Q4 2014.”

Press Release, July 08, 2014


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