Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Put on Back Burner

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) has requested from the Queensland Coordinator-General to cancel the declaration of the Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project as a coordinated project.

Dudgeon Point Expansion Project Binned
Port of Hay Point

In 2013, the Environment Impact Statement (EIS) studies were paused by the preferred developers as demand for the new terminals was reassessed after an industry-wide downturn in the coal market.

Although NQBP has completed numerous environmental and social studies for the EIS, all of the required studies had not been completed when the project was paused.

Legislation requires the EIS to be submitted within two years of the publication of the Terms of Reference, which in the case of the Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project is by June 21, 2014, and this will not be achieved because of the pausing of the project.

“Those interested in port development must demonstrate demand and current and short-term forecast market demand for coal does not support an expansion to the capacity proposed in the Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project.” said Brad Fish, CEO of NQBP.

In seeking cancellation of the declaration of the Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project as a coordinated project, it is NQBP’s intention to complete a port master planning exercise over the coming year to comply with the proposed Queensland Ports Strategy, and to then revisit the scope of the Dudgeon Point project.

Recent strategic assessments of the Great Barrier Reef will be considered as part of the port planning.

“Coal export facilities may be required at Dudgeon Point in the future.

With appropriate environmental and social planning and approval conditions, any future expansion of Port of Hay Point can make a sustainable contribution to the economic growth and social well-being of Queensland,” said Mr. Fish.

June 20, 2014

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