Durastic delivers floor coverings for BP’s offshore production units

Marine flooring manufacturer Durastic has supplied a range of its specialist products to Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea to help build a North Sea-bound FPSO and platform for BP.

Durastic delivers floor coverings for Quad 204 FPSO

Durastic, which has sites in Liverpool, Jarrow and Southampton, UK, has supplied underlay and floor coverings along with other material and fittings for the new BP Quad 204 floating production and offloading vessel being built in South Korea and also a platform for BP’s £4.5 billion Clair Ridge oilfield near the Shetland Islands.

Managing director John Gallagher said the Durastic coverings, manufactured in Jarrow, represent 80 per cent of the company’s orders. The products meet A60 fire-retardant safety standards and certification standards set by maritime organisations across the world including Lloyds of London, IMO and American Coastguard.

Gallagher said: “These are great contracts for us, showcasing the very best of our workmanship and products.

“The benefits of Durastic’s underlays and coverings are that these products are seamless, lay in one coating, fire-retardant and clean. These products are made to last. Meticulously manufactured and tested, the durability of the floorings ensures expensive maintenance is kept to a minimum, providing terrific value for money.

He added: “Durastic also provides customers with expert advice and knowledge, which has been built up over many years.

“As part of our service, staff will travel to Hyundai’s shipyard in South Korea to supervise the laying and installation work for a month. They will make sure everything is done properly in keeping with guarantees and standards.

“Staff will also travel to Korea for follow-on installation work to the platform’s top side, which includes flooring to be laid in plant rooms and staircases

Durastic has supplied 3,085 sq metres of its Durastic Lightweight Underlay to Hyundai. This exceptionally light underlay is used as a ‘screed’ to prepare steel decking surfaces for a final top flooring surface.

Durastic Lightweight Underlay has been developed as a one-coat, synthetic latex-based underlay for metal decking and panelling, typically steel or aluminium, to cover raised welds and uneven surfaces and provide a bonding surface for flooring. Once the steel decking has been cleaned and prepared, the underlay is mixed, poured on top and evened by skilled workers using trowels and rollers. In this case, it will be laid to a thickness of 10-12mm. This leaves a smooth, level surface bonded to the steel which, once set, is ready to receive a top flooring surface such as epoxy flooring, tiles, vinyl or carpeting. The underlay can also be used on steel covered with a variety of primers.

The company has also supplied 650 sq metres of its Decaflake epoxy-resin covering. This is to be used as the main top flooring surface. Decorflake represents Durastic’s main business activity and has been developed in Jarrow over the past 17 years. The top floor covering of Decaflake epoxy-resin will be laid to a thickness of 2mm.

BP contacted Durastic about the Clair Ridge work following Durastic’s services on BP’s Valhall in the Norwegian North Sea.


Press Release, July 07, 2014


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