Photo: Courtesy of TotalEnergies

Ecoslops to produce recycled fuel at TotalEnergies’ La Mède platform

French cleantech company Ecoslops has started the production of recycled fuel from maritime transport at La Mède platform biorefinery.

Ecoslops to produce recycled fuel at TotalEnergies' La Mède platform
Courtesy of TotalEnergies

The production consolidates the agreement signed between TotalEnergies and Ecoslops SA2, a company that produces fuel and light bitumen from hydrocarbon residues from maritime transport, in 2019.

From these residues, the Ecoslops P2R1 unit plans to produce up to 30,000 tonnes per year of recycled fuel (naphtha, gas oil, and fuel oil) and light bitumen.

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This circular business model reportedly allows the revalorisation of these residues from maritime transport, and the creation of value locally.

“The start-up of the Ecoslops unit is fully in line with TotalEnergies’ circular economy and energy transition ambitions at La Mède platform. Acquiring an equity interest in Ecoslops Provence in 2019 reaffirmed our position as a strong player in the local economy and we are now further consolidating our site’s industrial redeployment project”, said Stéphane Cambier, director of the La Mède platform.

In 2019, the La Mède platform became France’s first biorefinery with the goal to produce 500,000 tonnes of biodiesel each year.

In January 2020, TotalEnergies announced, in partnership with Engie, that La Mède would become the place for installation of France’s largest site to produce green hydrogen from 100 per cent renewable electricity.