Ecoslops to produce bunkers from recycled waste oil at Port of Tema

French cleantech company Ecoslops has unveiled a new environmentally-friendly initiative aimed at producing bunker fuel from oily waste in Ghana.

YouTube screenshot; Ecoslops

On 8 February 2021, the company announced the signature of the fourth letter of intent for its petroleum residue recycling (P2R) solution called Mini P2R, a containerized mobile unit for ports.

The agreement, signed with Marine Bunkers Ltd. (MBL), a provider of shipping, trading & logistics services in West Africa, covers the implementation of a unit in the port of Tema in Ghana.

Specifically, it includes comprehensive services such as the sale of a Mini P2R, local integration, the training of operators and multi-year technical support.

It comes in addition to a local installation set up by MBL to collect — on-shore and off-shore — and treat oily waste in Ghana and in the Gulf of Guinea region.

According to Ecoslops, the Mini P2R will allow to locally revalue this waste, as well as used lube oil, into new oil products.

“By allowing a second life to these wastes – which are harmful to health and the environment – it will help to effectively combat the pollution associated to the illegal dumping of these residues in rivers and oceans, as well as toxic air emissions from their incineration in the absence of treatment,” Ecoslops explained.

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