ECS Kits Out VideoRay ROV with Mine Disposal System

VideoRay and ECS Special Projects have partnered to expand the capabilities of their products for military applications and the commercial market.

UK-based ECS Special Projects has developed the Viper mine disposal system for the VideoRay mission specialist Defender.

The setup employs twin shot Viper disposal systems with the capability of attaching to multiple targets. They can be initiated using a shock tube link to the surface or by using acoustic initiation.

Steve Randall, operations director at ECS Special Projects, said: “From the inception of the Mission Specialist concept we were eager to integrate our Viper mine disposal system onto the VideoRay Defender due to the ROV being unparalleled in its class. The Defender is one the most maneuverable vehicles in all directions, including its pitch function, enabling us to best showcase the full capability of our neutralization system.

“We anticipate with our collaborative agreement that we will create a fully integrated system that gives the end user a toolkit of options when out in the field to best deal with any unexploded ordnance or improvised explosive device threat.”

Mark Fleming, a VideoRay sales representative who specializes in serving the military sector, said: “We’re providing the tools necessary to safeguard the world’s ports, harbors, ships, and other potential targets of explosive ordnance. With ECS Special Projects as an integration partner, VideoRay is in a much better position to meet the demands of military services around the globe.”