EMSA launches LNG bunkering study

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has launched an invitation to tender for a new study to assess the LNG bunkering facilities in the Mediterranean and Eastern partner countries, which are beneficiaries of the SAFEMED and TRACECA projects.

The tender aims to provide SAFEMED and TRACECA beneficiary countries with the necessary study to promote the deployment and the development of the alternative fuels infrastructures, and in particular of liquefied natural gas as fuel for ships, according to the tender documents issued by EMSA.

The study to be performed by the contractor will address safety risk assessment issues regarding LNG bunkering of the gas-fuelled ships in the relevant ports of the SAFEMED and TRACECA countries both from a regulatory and technological perspective, EMSA said.

Mediterranean partner countries currently provided by EMSA with technical assistance are Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria (currently suspended) and Tunisia. Eastern partners countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

The bids should be posted until October 19. Period of validity of the tender, during which tenderers may not modify the terms of their tenders in any respect will be until March 31 in 2016.


LNG World News Staff; Image: EMSA