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Oil, gas, offshore wind and marine energy, all will play their part in the future of energy. Perhaps a bag of mixed ingredients, but combined in the right way, it will serve the future a more renewable outlook. Offshore Energy 2019 gives the energy transition a home and this will be felt in the conference program.

The whole conference covers oil, gas, marine energy and offshore wind and all of these subjects are sliced up into various options. Offshore Wind Conference 2019 will be held on October 7 and 8, the six technical conference sessions on October 8 and 9 and Marine Energy Event on 9 October.

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Offshore Wind Conference

 October 7 and 8 – Amtrium – Amsterdam RAI

As the world transitions to lower-carbon energy solutions, the energy industry needs to determine: what makes commercial and environmental sense and how does offshore wind fit in? OWC will start with an opening session by the chairman and will directly move into a session called Update NL.

This session offers an update on the developments in the Dutch offshore wind industry regarding innovations, technology and policy) and is intended for foreign delegates who would like to become updated on the latest in offshore wind in the Netherlands. Wim van Urk, Program Manager North Sea, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management one of the confirmed speakers.

  • Technological developments

Climate change is a global issue and so solutions must be found on a global scale. In regards to offshore wind, the global potential is growing each day and with that, the technological developments to assist in increased offshore wind production necessary to meet climate agreements.

The Global potential of offshore wind session delves into all aspects, as well as innovations such as floating offshore wind turbines and other technological developments furthering the global innovation. The speakers in this session will share their insights where after the floor is open to interactive questions from the audience. Huub den Rooijen, Director of Energy, Minerals & Infrastructure, The Crown Estate and Andries Hofman, Project Manager at Gusto MSC.

Is the offshore wind business case bankable? If world is to be powered solely on electricity, the offshore wind industry must be here to stay. This is only feasible if offshore wind has a strong financial position.

How can the industry finance the future of offshore wind? With each turbine installed, the LCOE is decreased. Serious concern has arisen as to how the industry will continue to thrive and survive. Is the offshore wind business case feasible?

A financial expert will open this session with the following panel discussion triggering delegates to join in. Confirmed speakers are Bert Stuij, Vice President Innovation, Energy Delta Institute and Marc Schmitz, Senior Vice President, Rabobank

  • Reliability and stability

Climate agreements offer challenges on a global scale, but there are also developments that need to be tackled regarding the whole offshore grid. With increased electricity production, an increased focus is required to effectively get the power to shore.

Linking through interconnecting high-voltage grids means more international cooperation. The reliability and stability of the electricity supply is key. Three leading experts will share their views in the session called Linking the grid. Manon van Beek, CEO, TenneT, the EU-funded PROMOTioN project and Belgian company 3E are confirmed speakers.

Some challenges, such as renewable energy powering the future, bring industries closer together. So if offshore wind would start dating? Which relationships will be there to last? For instance, the growing cooperation between the offshore gas and wind industry could potentially be nurtured by, among others, energy islands at sea. Is hydrogen the solution the offshore wind industry can build on?

After short introductions, the speakers in the session When offshore wind starts dating, will be put to the test with some challenging statements in this panel discussion. Remco Ybema, business developer, Nouryon in one of the confirmed speakers. The conference will be concluded with quick-fire pitches by young professionals in the session called Future pioneers.


Offshore Energy Conference Sessions

October 8 and 9– Energy Plaza – Amsterdam RAI

The Conference Sessions are aimed at combining all industries in their efforts to further the energy transition. Setting the scene for the whole conference is International Energy Outlook where experts open the Offshore Energy Conference with their vision and view on the patterns, trends and perspectives of an energy system in transition.

With that global view in mind, we move directly into Emery Transition Live on the North Sea in 2019, where moderator Rene Peters, Business Director Gas Technology, TNO will guide the room round what is happening on the North Sea right now. Europe and the activities taking place in the North Sea are leading in the energy transition and what are the best practices.

Moving into Future Offshore Systems focused on CO2, H2 and electricity. If we want to make the transition from oil& gas to renewable energies, storage of that energy is one of the key challenges we face. Time to examine the advantages and benefits that integrated systems can bring to the further acceleration of the transition and the parties involved. Moderator Martijn Kleverlaan, Energy Transition Manager, NAM will make sure the room maintains its energy in this three-hour conference session.

  • Brainstorm, discuss and invent

Energy transition often sparks good discussion, which is why the Energy Transition Debate session is great to attend.

Let your opinion shine here guided by Moderator: Robert Platt, Principal Consultant Offshore, Royal IHC. Leap frogging from what is currently happening on the North Sea to what could potentially be happening regarding energy transition globally. Leading experts and delegates will be challenged to discuss what is necessary regarding innovation to further the energy transition.

After some healthy debate, new frontiers can be decided upon. Digitalization is key for every operator in optimizing use of both traditional and renewable energy resources and vital to facilitate the transition.

What are the lesson learned and what should we be aware of to manage operations in a safe and secure way. To operate platforms, wind farms and marine energy plants we have come to realize the advantages of remotely controlled and autonomous systems.

In this session, we will explore the future opportunities with help of our moderators: Jos Leo, Business Development Manager, SBM Offshore and Rob Hoogstra, Senior Business Advisor, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

Last, but certainly not least is the final conference session on Cross Industry Game Changing Technologies In a high risk, high cost environment the offshore industry has historically been synonymous with sticking with methodologies that it knows works.

At a global level, this mindset has traditionally created a slower rate of new technology implementation compared to other industries. However, that it is changing, with the pace of new technology being adopted within the energy industry accelerating.

A lower oil price, the demand for an energy transition and the impact of increasing access to information are all contributing factors to this fundamental change in the industries openness to drive change.

“Historically the offshore sector has benefited from inventions that have been developed by the other industries such as the aerospace and medical science industries to name a few” said Julian Manning the Session Moderator and Chief Executive Officer of Paradigm Group B.V.

“With the offshore business having the need to adapt and with R&D budgets being tightened in many areas, exploring technologies that are adopted in other industries is a proven pathway of consideration. During this session, we will have four organizations that are in a different state of transitioning technologies participate. We will discuss how adoption of a technology from another industry can generate value and help to get to market quicker and more efficiently providing firm examples of success.

“With shared learnings, a higher start position in a technology gate process and implementation knowledge, cross industry technology adoption stands out in many ways as the logical route to solving industry problems for all organizations whatever the stage of technology development they are at.”

Confirmed speakers for this session are: Dingeman de Groot, Regional Director, Peterson and Davide Coppola, Project manager and business developer, ESA.


Marine Energy Event 2019

October 9 – Amtrium – Amsterdam RAI

The fifth annual Marine Energy Event is organized in cooperation with the Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) and Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC).

This session will delve into how Europe is positioned to lead the energy transition while also highlighting how marine energy solutions could be successful export products. Europe is positioned to lead energy transition is the first session including presentations on: how marine energy contributes to climate goals, our oceans as a major source for clean renewable energy and using our infrastructure for reliable and sustainable energy production.

Moving into the next session Marine energy solutions as successful export products, including presentations on: Powering islands with tidal stream energy, powering infrastructure with tidal stream energy, utility scale power with tidal stream energy, powering harbors and sluices, future scenario energy transition and how can we accelerate the integration of energy from water within the energy mix.

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