Ensco bags more jack-up work

Ensco 121; Image: Wintershall

Offshore driller Ensco has been awarded several contracts and contract extensions for its jack-up rigs. 

In its fleet status report on Monday, the driller said that the 2005-built jack-up rig Ensco 106 was awarded a four-well contract with Sapura Energy offshore Malaysia, which started in March 2017 and expires in September. After that, the rig is on contract with BP off Indonesia starting January 2018 until January 2023.

Furthermore, the 2013-built Ensco 121 jack-up was awarded a three-well contract with Ineos in the North Sea that is expected to start in July 2017 and end in February 2018. The contract also has five one-well options. The rig is currently working for Wintershall off Denmark under a contract that is expiring this month.

In addition, the 1976-built Ensco 68 has been awarded a one-well contract with Ankor Energy in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that is expected to start in June and end in July 2017.

The driller also got several contract extensions for its rigs.

The contract for the 1982-built jack-up Ensco 92 has been extended by more than four years to December 2022. The rig is operating for ConocoPhillips in the North Sea.

The contract for the 2006-built jack-up Ensco 107 with Chevron offshore Australia has been extended by three months to July 2017. The rig’s dayrate is approx. $129,000, plus three one-month options.

The North Sea contract with Engie for the 1978-built jack-up Ensco 80 has been extended until April 2017 after which the rig will work for Repsol-Sinopec off UK from June 2017 until December 2018.

The 2014-built Ensco 122 started a five-month contract with Ithaca Energy in the North Sea during April 2017. The contract ends in August 2017.

The 1982-built Ensco 87 jack-up began a four-month program with Talos Energy in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico in February 2017.

According to the report, Ensco received notice of early termination for convenience from customer for the 2002-built jack-up rig Ensco 104 with estimated effective date in May 2017. The rig has been operating for NDC/Wintershall in the UAE since last November with a dayrate of $64,000.

Finally, the driller said it sold the 1982-built jack-up rig Ensco 56 for scrap value.

Offshore Energy Today Staff