Photo: Courtesy of Øivind Haug / Equinor

Equinor pushes Hammerfest LNG start-up date to May

Norwegian oil major Equinor has pushed back the planned restart of its Hammerfest LNG facility from the end of March to 17 May 2022.

Equinor pushes Hammerfest LNG start-up date to May
Courtesy of Øivind Haug / Equinor

Hammerfest LNG, outside Hammerfest in Finnmark county, is a facility that receives and processes natural gas from the Snøhvit field in the Barents Sea. It became operational in 2007.

The facility has been closed ever since the fire incident in September 2020. The initial start-up of the operations at Hammerfest LNG was to be 1 October 2021. In April of the same year, Equinor pushed the date to March 2022. This was due to the comprehensive scope of work after the fire and also due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The new date pushback also happened because of continuing consequences from Covid-19 and operational restrictions.

“We work systematically to deliver on the plan we established, but challenges related to Covid-19 restrictions require that we need more time to prepare the plant for safe and stable start-up and operations,” said Grete B. Haaland, senior vice president for Equinor’s onshore plants.

After the fire, Equinor has carried out extensive work at the plant. It checked more than 22,000 components and replaced more than 180 kilometres of electrical cables. In addition, it carried out repairs of advanced equipment and compressors. Also, it executed a planned turnaround and ordinary maintenance.

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“The project work is nearing completion and we`re doing what we can to finish the project. We are pleased with the good cooperation we have with Hammerfest municipality, employee representatives, safety delegates and suppliers. Now it is all about completing the job together,” said Thor Johan Haave, plant manager at Hammerfest LNG.