EU bids funding increase for environment & climate scheme

The European Commission has proposed a 60% funding increase for the EU’s environment and climate action program LIFE in the next long-term 2021-2027 budget.

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay)

The main feature of the new LIFE program is increased focus on clean energy, as one of the main aims of the initiative is to stimulate investment and support activities related to clean energy transition.

Also, the program will increase focus on nature and biodiversity, and continue supporting circular economy and climate change mitigation through simple and flexible approach, according to the Commission.

Miguel Arias Cañete, EU’s Climate Action and Energy Commissioner, said: “A stronger LIFE program will play an important role in expanding investments in climate action and clean energy across Europe. By continuing to support climate change mitigation and adaptation, LIFE will also continue to help the EU deliver on its climate goals and commitments under the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Launched in 1992, the LIFE program is one of the spearheads of EU environmental and climate funding. It has financed over 4,500 projects, contributing €5.9 billion to environment protection and climate action, the Commission said.

The present LIFE program started in 2014 and runs until 2020, with a budget of €3.5 billion. The proposal for the new program for 2021-2027 builds upon the results of the mid-term evaluation of the present program as well as an impact assessment.

To remind, the LIFE scheme provided €1 million for the Life DemoWave project which aims to demonstrate the viability of using wave energy converters for power production, and the environmental benefits of using such systems.

Late in March 2018, wave energy buoy to be tested as part of the project reached the installation site in Galicia for impending installation.