EU funds LNG fueling infrastructure project

The European Union granted €10 million ($11.9 million) funding for Gas Natural Fenosa-led Eco-Gate project aiming to improve the use of LNG and CNG as fuel in Europe. 

The more-than-20 foreseen gas refueling stations will be located in Germany, France, Portugal and Spain with stations to be built in Barcelona, Burgos, Madrid, Murcia, Salamanca, Irún, Tordesillas, La Junquera, Cordoba and Cartagena, among other cities.

The project, looking to boost the deployment of LNG/CNG vehicular infrastructure throughout the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridors via new technology and innovative solutions.

It is run by a consortium of more than 20 businesses from Spain (24), Portugal (3), France (1) and Germany (1).

The project also looks to make the rapid and mass deployment of this alternative fuel possible through unit cost reduction.