EU Supports Gaz-System Projects in Poland

EU Supports Gaz-System Projects in Poland

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and Krakow’s Oil and Gas Institute (as the Implementing Institution) signed four annexes to previously concluded co-financing agreements which confirm the current amounts of EU support for the following projects:  the Szczecin-Gdańsk Pipeline (265 km), Szczecin-Lwówek Pipeline (188 km), Rembelszczyzna-Gustorzyn Pipeline (176 km) and the Gustorzyn-Odolanów Pipeline (168 km).

The annexes were signed as a result of increased funding for pipelines built by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. which was possible thanks to securing additional funds under the Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E) and to savings made following the award of tenders for projects.

In September this year, the Ministry of Regional Development published an updated List of Individual Projects for the Programme Infrastructure and Environment in the energy, culture, health and higher education sectors.  As a result, the four strategic investments implemented by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. have been awarded an increased level of funding. An additional reserve project was also accepted and is currently in preparation.

The total amount financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), available as part of Action 10.1 of OPI&E “The Development of Transmission Systems for Electricity, Natural gas and Crude Oil and the Construction and Reconstruction of Natural Gas Storage Facilities” for projects implemented by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., has increased from PLN 774 million to PLN 1016 million.

“Acquiring the additional PLN 242 million of EU funding confirms the effectiveness and reliability of our company and the successful implementation of our current strategic projects.  With EU support, we can expand the gas pipeline system in Poland and increase the energy security of both our country and the entire region.  We want our customers to have the freedom to build their buying strategies based on a modern and flexible transmission network that is integrated with the EU system”, said Jan Chadam, President of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

The updated amounts of funding for particular projects including funds from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E)are as follows:

  • Szczecin-Gdańsk Pipeline – total cost of project: PLN 1010 million, OPI&E funding: PLN 268.23 million;
  • Szczecin-Lwówek Pipeline – total cost of project: PLN 750 million, OPI&E funding: PLN 221.07 million;
  • Rembelszczyzna-Gustorzyn Pipeline – total cost of project:  PLN 752.09 million, OPI&E funding: PLN 204.4 million;
  • Gustorzyn-Odolanów Pipeline – total cost of project: PLN 600 million, OPI&E


In addition, on 6 November, GAZ-SYSTEM and the Oil and Gas Institute signed a pre-agreement for the project entitled  “Lwówek-Odolanów Pipeline – Preparation of Project Documentation” which was included as a new project on the Reserve List of Individual Projects.  The estimated total cost of the project is PLN 36 million,  while the amount of EU funding is expected to reach PLN 16.68 million.

LNG World News Staff, December 17, 2012