Eversafe Marine Completes Ro-ro Cargo Ship Docking Project, UAE

Eversafe Marine successfully completed one Ro-ro cargo ship docking project with balloons (marine airbags) in Abu Dhabi U.A.E on 14th November 2012. Eversafe Marine was invited to provide service pack for this project including design, calculation and operation supervision. The 16 m long by 2m diameter balloons deployed in this project are supplied by Evergreen Maritime.

The vessel needed to be beached on the client’s shipyard for repair. Marine airbags and winch are the main equipment to complete the hauling out operation. After the vessel was pulled up to the ramp, people used 1.4 m high blocks to support the vessel. Then the vessel was shifted to repair location by SPMT.

Airbag ship docking technique takes advantage of the tide change to insert balloons and pull the ship out of water. Little tide change caused this docking operation to be complicated and difficult.

Due to SPMT shift the Ro-ro ship has to be lifted 1.4 m high by air bags. That was also the difficulty of this project.

The technical team from Eversafe Marine arrived at the shipyard on 29th October. It took about 7 days for the preparation works. In high tide time of 6th Nov. the ship” MOSA” was pulled 30 meters up to the ramp. In the late night when water dropped down, the first six balloons were inserted underneath the ship. The next day (7th Nov) the ship was pulled forward for another 30 meters.

Until 9th Nov all the balloons were positioned according to the plan. At that time the ship got balance by supporting balloons, then the pulling job became easy.

On 11th Nov. the ship was fully landed on the ramp. People began to lift the vessel from aft part to place support blocks. The flexibility of marine airbags helped a lot for the block position work. People can adjust balloons pressure to move the ship up and down to enable block placing and vessel level job.

On 14th Nov ship “Mosa” was on all support concrete blocks.


Vessel type: Ro-ro Cargo

IMO NO.: 9120396

Real weight 3200 T

Length overall 140 m

Length BP: 130.6 m

Breadth 16.6 m

Depth 8.1 m

Draft 1.5 m

Support Blocks 1.4 m


November 30, 2012