Explosion Aboard Cypriot-Flagged Bulker in Brazil

An explosion has been reported on board a Cypriot-flagged bulker identified as Akaki on December 28th while the ship was anchored at the Port of Paranaguá, Brazil.

The ship just completed loading of 65 tons of corn and was about to load fuel for the journey to the port of Kaohsiung, China when the explosion took place in one of the ship’s cargo holds,  the Administration of Paranaguá and Antonina (APPA) informed.

According to the initial information, no injuries have been reported and there was no fuel leak in the Paranaguá Bay.

APPA and the navy have launched an investigation into the causes of the explosion. Explosions of this nature may occur due to the formation of gas in the cargo hold due to high temperature emitted from the cargo, combined with fumigation procedures, or malpractice in the internal procedures of the crew, APPA said.

Over the last 24 hours, specialized technicians remained on board to carry out inspections to assess the damage and identify whether to allow the ship to continue the journey.

The ship will remain in custody of the Paranaguá Paranáaté Ports until completion of the investigation.

The ship, built in 2011, is owned by Greece-based Transmed Shipping.

World Maritime News Staff

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