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ExxonMobil still testing Liza FPSO after compressor repairs

Oil major ExxonMobil is in the final stages of testing the flash gas compression system on the Liza Destiny FPSO following technical issues and subsequent repairs.

Liza Destiny FPSO; Source: Hess

As previously reported, ExxonMobil started experiencing technical issues with the gas compressor on the SBM Offshore-owned FPSO Liza Destiny, which is working on the Liza field offshore Guyana, in January 2021.

The technical issue was related to a seal on the gas compressor on the FPSO Liza Destiny, prompting the company to temporarily increase the flare above pilot levels to maintain safe operations.

ExxonMobil has been working since then, together with SBM Offshore and the equipment manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions, to fix the issue.

After completing necessary repairs, upgrades, and mechanical testing at the MAN Energy Solutions workshop, key components of the gas compressor left Germany and arrived in Guyana in March, after which the offshore team started working on the reinstallation and repairs.

In its previous update, published on 31 March, ExxonMobil said it was making final preparations for the start-up of the flash gas compressor on the FPSO.

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In its latest update last Thursday, ExxonMobil said that, following the safe reinstatement of the repaired and upgraded components of the flash gas compression system, the team onboard the Liza Destiny FPSO initiated a comprehensive three-phase testing programme.

ExxonMobil further said: “Over the last few days, the team successfully completed the first two phases, which were intended to verify the effectiveness of the modifications to the equipment and control system logic. Pilot level flare was attained during the testing and a significant volume of process and mechanical data collected”.

ExxonMobil also added that the final stage of testing would take place this week after the removal of temporary instrumentation.

The third phase involves monitoring the performance of the machine closely in normal, steady-state operation.

The FPSO Liza Destiny started producing oil from the Liza field in December 2019, less than five years after the first discovery of hydrocarbons.

The concept design for the Liza Phase 1 development project features the Liza Destiny FPSO moored 190 kilometres offshore Guyana, and four subsea drill centres supporting 17 wells.