Finland: Sance, STX Finland Cabins Begin TUI-Cruiser Project

Finland: Sance, STX Finland Cabins Begin TUI-cruiser Project

Sance has received a new order concerning the new TUI- cruiser. The contract’s parties are Sance and STX Finland Cabins Ltd, and the engineering contract concerns passenger cabins’ HVAC, electrical and interior design (excluding suites). This contract will employ 5 people for about a year.

“We are happy to start our cooperation with STX Finland Cabins in terms of TUI-project. STX Finland Cabins is known and honored as a reliable cooperation partner who appreciates quality and schedule-proof work,” says Sance’s director Mr. Kalle Sandelin.

Also at Sance people feel that the TUI -cruiser project is very welcomed for the STX Turku shipyard, especially when there has been a period of having lack of orders and especially the innovation plays a main part of the project. Sance hopes that this will help in some way to challenge other shipyards to invest even more for the development and for new solutions.

“At Sance we continually call for practices, which relay on innovative solutions and development. These are the things which are placed in our engineers’ back of the head. Of course the fact is that there must be a passion for developing new solutions and for application these to the design process in order to keep the cutting edge of development. And of course when we’re talking in general, the continuing development in the marine industry sector is the advantage of every party operating on this field,” Kalle Sandelin adds.

This order is the second in the series concerning the new TUI-cruiser. End of the year 2011 Sance was awarded a contract from STX Finland concerning part of the ship’s HVAC basic design.

The new TUI-cruiser will be built at STX Finland Turku Shipyard, the ship’s size will be 97 000 GRT and it will be delivered to its owner in the spring 2014.

Source: Sance Oy, May 2, 2012

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