First LNG tank car loaded at Elbe port

VTG of Germany, in cooperation with Chart Ferox and Primagas on Monday said it has loaded an LNG tank car with liquefied natural gas at Brunsbüttel Ports’ Elbe port.

More than 80m3 of liquefied natural gas was pumped into the wagon from two Primagas LNG trucks, VTG said in its statement.

“With a volume of some 111 cubic meters, the LNG tank car can carry approximately 95-100 cubic meters of product,” explained Sven Wellbrock, Head of the VTG Rail Europe business segment.

Brunsbüttel is looking to explore the potential uses of LNG, namely, sea-faring vessel bunkering at the Elbe/Northern Baltic Sea canal intersection, the gas requirements of regional industrial companies in the Brunsbüttel ChemCoast Park and in Hamburg.

It will also study the possibility of distributing LNG further by rail in cooperation with VTG, as well as regasification and feeding into the pipeline network.

Frank Schnabel, Managing Director of the Brunsbüttel Ports said the port is also a suitable location for an LNG import terminal, adding that discussions with potential investors and clients are ongoing.


LNG World News Staff

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