FKAB Wins TSHD Design, Sweden

FKAB Wins TSHD Design

FKAB has secured a contract for the design of a 2,400m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD). The concept design was developed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Kaoshing Harbor bureau, which will own and operate the vessels.

The order was acquired by the Ching Fu Shipyard, the largest private shipyard in Taiwan. The company won the contract in competition with three other Taiwan-based companies.

The Ching Fu Shipyard has commissioned FKAB for the basic and detail design contract based on the company’s experience and international standing in the shipbuilding industry.

In order to improve the dredger’s performance, FKAB will review the concept design and provide the complete basic design package to the shipyard. FKAB will also deliver the detail design and related production drawings. In order to complete the commission swiftly and efficiently, FKAB has chosen Nupas-Cadmatic as their CAD/CAM system for the project.


Press Release, March 22, 2013