Photo: Courtesy of Titan LNG

FlexFueler 002 delivered to Fluxys and Titan LNG

The service supplier of liquefied natural gas Titan LNG and Fluxys have taken delivery of the second LNG bunkering barge, the FlexFueler 002.

FlexFueler 002 delivered to Fluxys and Titan LNG
Courtesy of Titan LNG

Titan LNG and Fluxys have built the second LNG barge to support the shipping industry in its switch to cleaner operations in the Antwerp port and region.

The vessel will make liquefied natural gas (LNG) more widely available as alternative shipping fuel from its home location at Quay 526/528 from February 2021.

The FlexFueler 002 and the other LNG bunkering infrastructure in the port of Antwerp have the benefit of not requiring additional investments to offer fully carbon neutral choices moving forward. Titan LNG as the long-term operator of the bunkering barge is confident to make available liquefied biogas (from organic waste) or liquefied synthetic methane (from green hydrogen and captured CO2) to LNG-powered vessels soon after starting operations in February.

The advantage of the FlexFueler 002 is its flexibility: inland waterway vessels and coasters will have the option to get bunkered with LNG wherever they are loading or unloading their cargo.

The bunkering barge will be operating from Quay 526/528 where Fluxys facilitates truck-to-ship bunkering and Titan LNG operates a permanent bunkering point for inland waterway vessels.

Fluxys and Titan LNG joined forces in early 2019 to build the FlexFueler 002 and shipbuilder Kooiman Marine recently delivered the vessel.

Titan LNG is currently conducting the last trials and finalizing crew training.