FOSG: European Supergrid Is Vital for Climate and Energy Targets

FoSG European Supergrid is Vital for Climate and Energy Targets

“The development of renewable energy capacity should be optimised across the EU through to 2030”, say Friends of the Supergrid. “This would be facilitated through the creation of a pan-European grid that integrates energy sources where they are prevalent and transports power to areas of high demand in a single energy market”.

In its answer to the Public Consultation of the EC Green Paper on the 2030 framework for Climate and Energy policies, Friends of the Supergrid call for binding emissions reduction targets at EU level, emphasising the need to create more renewable energy capacity to help achieve this goal. The 2030 framework must also incorporate a methodology for evaluating security of supply across Member States so as to encourage the development of cross-border transmission.

The focus for the 2030 package should be the delivery of a single energy market with coherent adoption of EU regulation across all Member States. ACER must have the ability to implement a regulatory framework to enable the delivery of Supergrid. Further, ENTSO’s tools for planning the European network should better align future generation development with planned transmission development. The Commission must review the proposed Projects of Common Interest and fast-track those which will form the first phase of the Supergrid. Friends of the Supergrid also welcome new financial mechanisms for raising the capital to build the Supergrid, which can attract international investment and provide rules for recovering the cost and allocating the revenues accrued. The ability to ensure participation of the private sector in project funding could be ensured through several types of initiatives such as the ‘EU priority premium’ or the creation of a fund for a set of projects in the different Member States.Finally, an ambitious Climate and Energy framework for 2030 should be a key driver for R&D and innovation. By 2030, Europe needs develop, demonstrate and deploy a wide range of low carbon and energy efficient technologies. The availability of key VSC-Grid technologies, such as control and protection methods, main circuit design, grid master control, offshore operation experience and selective fault clearance techniques like DC breakers, are already in early-stage production, and their development is a key industrial ‘win’ for Europe.


Press release, July 10, 2013; Image: friendsofthesupergrid