Fountain Lake Dredging Project Continues

Image source: J.F. Brennan

Dredging has resumed on Edgewater Bay to remove the remaining material from the Bayside Water Ski Show area, informs the Shell Rock River Watershed District.

Image source: J.F. Brennan

According to the officials, this will conclude Phase 1 of the multi-phased project.

The dredging contractor, J.F. Brennan, will then mobilize their equipment and begin Phase 2, Main Bay and Dane’s Bay, and reroute the pipeline through Bancroft Bay.

The work includes hydraulic dredging of approximately 604,000 cubic yards (with possible increase to 704,000 cubic yards at same per cubic yard price) of sediment, and operation of Confined Disposal Facilities (CDF) for sediment placement and dewatering.