France: GDF Suez Ensures It Will Meet Gas Demand During 2013-2014 Winter

GDF Suez Ensures It Will Meet Gas Demand During 2013-2014 Winter

According to information provided by GRTgaz regarding next winter, GDF SUEZ has confirmed that it has taken all measures to ensure a continuing supply for its customers in France for the 2013-2014 winter, even if there are extreme weather conditions (1-in-50-year event).

Within this scope, GDF SUEZ as a natural gas supplier normally prepares an updated supply plan for its customers. This supply is based on various resources including long-term LNG and gas contracts, gas storage to cover winter demand, and purchases at gas trading hubs.

All of the resources contracted to date will enable the company to cover the projected peak demand of its French customers plus 2% for the 2013-2014 winter.

In particular, in-storage capacities established by GDF SUEZ exceed statutory requirements for such volumes. GDF SUEZ is also anticipating routing LNG to the Fos Tonkin, Fos Cavaou and Montoir terminals in volumes next winter equivalent to winter 2012-2013 winter.

Thus, the position of GDF SUEZ as a gas supplier for the 2013-2014 winter may differ from the overall gas situation to benefit infrastructure managers and public authorities.

LNG World News Staff, June 13, 2013