Gallery: Naming ceremony for gas compression jack-up rig

China’s CIMC Raffles on Friday held a naming ceremony for an offshore gas compression unit it built for Coastal Contracts.

The naming ceremony was held in Cimc Raffles Longkou Shipyard. The jack-up unit will now sail away to Mexico, where it will work on an eight-year contract for Pemex.

The unit is supported by four cylindrical legs, with leg length of 112 meters. It is capable of operating at water depth up to 55 meters.

It has the ability to manage sour gas, for injection into the reservoir the high content of associated gas to oil, helping to maintain reservoir pressure and maximize the exploitation of hydrocarbons.

The sour gas compression plant will operate with a capacity of 200 mmcfd installed on the jack-up connected to Pemex’s offshore production facilities, located in the Campeche bay, but with flexibility to relocate to different offshore facilities under Pemex’s operational strategy.

Offshore Energy Today staff