Gallery: Sabine Pass liquefaction project advances

Houston Based LNG player Cheniere filed a construction progress update with FERC covering activities on Sabine Pass liquefaction project during the month of May.

The company informed that for Stage 1 (trains 1 and 2) engineering and procurement are 100% complete. Subcontract and direct hire construction work are 71.2% and 81.9% complete, respectively. Stage 1 overall project completion is 90.8% against the plan of 92.6%.

Stage 2 (trains 3 and 4)  engineering is now 99.8% complete. Procurement is 95.7% complete. Subcontract and direct hire construction work are 44.1% and 29.2% complete, respectively.
Overall project completion for Stage 2 is 67.7% against the plan of 70.1%.

For Stage 3 (trains 5 and 6) the company filed the implementation plan and request for authorization to conduct site preparation activities with FERC. No construction occurred during the period.

During May, Train 1 construction began the lube oil flushing of the ethylene compressor and the methane compressor, as well as synthetic oil flushing of the ethylene turbine. The first two gas generators were set and aligned for both ethylene compressors. Pre-commissioning work and loop checks continued, Cheniere said in its filing.

Train 2 completed the erection of the two methane filter houses and made significant progress on the installation and testing of lube oil piping.

Train 3 received the cold boxes and construction continued to work on aboveground pipe installation, with a focus on the cryo pipe rack and refrigeration compressor areas.

In Train 4, above ground piping installation continued under the compressor table top, propane condenser pipe rack, and cryo pipe rack.

Actual project progress continues to support the achievement of the scheduled Substantial Completion Dates for Trains 1 and 2, which remain as February 2016 and June 2016, respectively. Trains 3 and 4 Substantial Completion Dates are April 2017 and August 2017.

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LNG World News Staff; Image: Cheniere

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