Gassco puts an end to gas leak at Kårstø

Statoil has informed that the gas leak occurring at the Kårstø processing plant Thursday night has now been stopped.

According to Statoil, the technical service provider for the plant, the situation is returning to normal and external resources from the emergency services have been demobilised. The owner of the plant is Gassled, while Gassco is the operator.

It is too early to say anything about the cause of the incident, which will be investigated, Statoil said on Friday.

The leak is also being investigated by Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority who will look into the chain of events and identify proximate and underlying causes.

The leak occurred on the Statpipe section leading into the plant. Both Statpipe production trains have been stopped.

The incident did not lead to any physical injuries, Statoil noted.

During normalisation and start-up of the plant following the incident last night, a smaller leak occurred, which is not usual during run-up of plant sections. The leak has been identified and is under control. The situation did not involve mobilisation of external resources, the Norwegian oil company concluded.

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