Photo: Courtesy of Gasum

Gasum in first LNG STS bunkering at Copenhagen Malmö Port

The Nordic energy company Gasum completed the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering in Malmö at the Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP).

Gasum in first LNG STC bunkering at Copenhagen Malmö Port
Courtesy of Gasum

Gasum bunkered United European Car Carriers’ vessel Auto Energy with liquefied natural gas (LNG) via a ship-to-ship operation from Coralius.

The car carrier Auto Energy mainly operates between Zeebrugge and the St. Petersburg area.

The Copenhagen Malmö Port has joined the growing Gasum network of European ports qualified for LNG deliveries, either ship-to-ship or by trucks.

Commenting on the operation, Jacob Granqvist, sales director, Gasum, said “The addition of more ports to our LNG network is our response to customer demands and underlines the fact that LNG bunkering is closing in on conventional bunkering.”

LNG is the cleanest available marine fuel, and it’s rapidly becoming the most commonly used alternative to traditional fuels, the company stressed in its statement.

The use of LNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 per cent, and it meets all the current and forthcoming regulations set out by the International Maritime Organization and the EU, the statement reads.