Gasum opens Finland’s first LNG station for heavy-duty trucks

Gasum of Finland on Monday opened the first LNG filling station for heavy-duty vehicles at Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbor.

The LNG station is a part of the company’s expansion of the road fuel gas market. In its attempt to expand the market, Gasum on Monday signed a cooperation agreement with the Finnish engine manufacturer Wärtsilä.

The next gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles will be opened in autumn 2016 in Turku and during 2017 in Jyväskylä and Vantaa, Gasum said in its statement, adding it is also implementing several other gas filling station projects around Finland.

”The demand for environmentally friendly transport services is increasing. The growing supply of gas-fueled vehicles and the new filling stations will further improve the opportunities to switch to road fuel gasses,” Jussi Vainikka, business development manager, biogas, from Gasum, said.

Jukka Kallio, Vuosari Harbor director noted that the environmental issued have a significant effect on the construction of the harbor, and the opening of the LNG station for heavy-duty vehicles fits the port that is a hub for truck traffic in Southern Finland.