Photo: Image courtesy of Gasum

Gasum’s Coralius wraps up 200th STS bunkering

The Nordic energy company Gasum said its LNG bunkering vessel Coralius performed its 200th ship-to-ship operation, supplying the chilled fuel to Fjord Line’s MS Stavangerfjord.

The bunkering took place while Stavangerfjord underwent periodical maintenance at the Fayard yard in Odense, Denmark, Gasum said in its statement on Friday.

“We normally supply LNG to Stavangerfjord by a loading arm on a regular basis directly from our LNG plant in Risavika,”  Gunnar Helmen, sales manager at Gasum said.

He added that having been fueled with fresh LNG, Stavangerfjord will return to her regular Stavanger-Bergen-Hirtshals route.

According to Gasum, Stavangerfjord and its sister ship Bergensfjord are the first and largest cruise ferries in the world that are fueled fully on liquefied natural gas (LNG). They both started operating in 2013.

Coralius reached the 100th bunkering mark in February last year. The 200 deliveries milestone was achieved this week. Last year, Coralius provided 107 ship-to-ship bunkerings to various customers in locations ranging from Rotterdam to the Gothenburg waters, with the focus being mainly on the latter region, Gasum said.

Coralius was built by the Royal Bodewes in the Netherlands and is the first European-built LNG bunkering and distribution vessel. It is equipped with LNG transfer equipment for bunkering and has a cargo capacity of 5,800 cubic meters.