Gasunie picks N-Sea for BBL pipeline survey

N-Sea Offshore has won a contract with Gasunie to deliver offshore acoustic survey services for the BBL subsea pipeline between the Netherlands and the UK.

BBL Company
Source: BBL Company

N-Sea will carry out an acoustic survey of approximately 230 kilometers of offshore pipeline in the Southern North Sea, between Balgzand in the Netherlands and Bacton in the UK from landfall to a maximum depth of 50 meters.

The scope of services requires the acquisition of high-quality data to provide evidence of pipeline condition and identify any anomalies. Full detailed reporting is also set to be provided.

The contract is for an initial period of four years, after which it may be extended, Gasunie said.

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BBL Company operates and exploits the Balgzand-Bacton Pipeline (BBL) for the transmission of natural gas between the Netherlands and the UK.

The company was established in 2004 as a partnership between Gasunie BBL (60%), Uniper Ruhrgas BBL (20%) and Fluxys BBL (20%), subsidiaries of Gasunie, E.On and Fluxys respectively.

The capacity of the BBL pipeline, which has been operational since 18 July 2019, is around 42 million cubic meters of gas per day.