N-Sea charters fuel-efficient vessel in move to strengthen its subsea offering

N-Sea charters fuel-efficient vessel in move to strengthen subsea offering

The Netherlands-headquartered N-Sea has chartered a hybrid, fuel-efficient survey and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) support vessel in a push to strengthen its offshore subsea activities.

Source: N-Sea

N-Sea Group entered into an agreement with Geo Plus to long-term charter the Dutch-flagged vessel Geo Ranger, which it will have under full management and control.

According to the company, the fuel-efficient vessel is equipped with smart onboard technology, comprising various different sensors and a plug-and-play system for additional, project-specific customer equipment.

Geo Ranger is said to have a high workability of up to two meters of significant wave height and many features that contribute in a sustainable way to the environment, meaning that it uses diesel/electric propulsion for low fuel consumption, heat recovery, LED lighting and bio-degradable oil.

Furthermore, the vessel is equipped with an 8T A-frame, suited for towing arrangements, geotechnical survey, and other subsea activities.

With its DP station-keeping capabilities, an overall length of 41.60 meters, 8.70 meters width, and a working draft of 2.25 meters, N-Sea said that the vessel is ideal for operating in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Irish Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

The vessel will accompany Geo Focus which is already under N-Sea management and control.

This announcement comes after several moves N-Sea made to strengthen its subsea operations. Namely, the Dutch company in November 2023 entered into an agreement with Rederij Groen to long-term charter the Dutch-flagged vessel 4-WINDS and extended its long-term charter agreement with Braveheart Marine for the 2010-built Braveheart Spirit vessel.